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Rashid Kapadia
Necessary Bridges INC

Rashid N. Kapadia, PMP, is a speaker, project manager, engineer, consultant, and author of “Necessary Bridges: Public Speaking & Storytelling for Project Managers & Engineers”. Born & raised in India, he started his career in the merchant navy, where over 17 years he progressed from marine engineering apprentice to chief engineer. Rashid moved to the US in 1995 pursuing a Masters degree in Marine Management and other advanced marine commercial certification in Chartering and Agency. In the US, over 14 years, he worked for 3 organizations providing leadership in commercial merchant shipping, chartering & operations, marine and offshore engineering and repair operations, project management, and business development. In 2014 he took a career sabbatical to write a book and polish his public speaking skills. In 2015, along with his wife Anahita, he co-founded Necessary Bridges, Inc. He is an evangelist for “Public Speaking, & Storytelling” and for “Regular & Disciplined Reading”. Rashid is a lifelong student and an avid reader—committed to reading 50 non-fiction books every year—and is constantly on the lookout for new knowledge that can be applied to uplift professions and solve problems.

Some topics Julie speaks on:

Public Speaking and Storytelling for HR Leaders, Managers, and Professionals

FLOW: The Final Performance Frontier (Alternate: Finding FLOW at Work)

Insights from Positive Psychology for Business / xxx Success

Feedback for Growth and Mastery

Conflict Resolution: A Strategy of Respect and Empathy – with Examples from History

Better Business Writing

RISK Management: Insights & Ideas from Prospect Theory and Psychology

Memory Palace Memorization

Rashid does charge fees.

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