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LEADHRS will provide attendees with the tools to become better leaders in their companies, chapters, and Texas SHRM that we serve.

Attendees of LEADHRS program can expect to learn, define, and develop various leadership skills. Learn impactful ways to develop your teams, build the culture you desire, and become a change management leader.

Module 1 - What is Leadership?
Module 2 - Setting Direction / Strategic Planning
Module 3 - Situational Leadership and Motivation
Module 4 - Creating the Culture You Want
Module 5 - Building an Effective Team
Module 6 - Project Planning

Each Module consists of 1.5 hour Webinar (can be viewed independently), 1.5 hours of community breakout sessions, and 1/2 hour one-on-one coaching/mentoring (as needed).

If selected for the LEADHRS program attendees will be expected to attend at least 75% of the monthly LEADHRS community breakout sessions lasting approximately 1 ½ hours per month, complete all program sessions available on an online platform lasting approximately 1 ½ hours per month, and participate in one-on-one breakout coaching/mentoring sessions as needed. 

If selected, participants will be requested to promote this program at Texas SHRM events, to their local chapters, and be willing for their headshot / quotes be used on social media platforms.

Selection criteria for the LEADHRS program will be based on the position held within your chapter, referral from Chapter President (if the Chapter President is unable to participate), and professional reference. Priority will be given to Chapter Presidents, followed by Chapter President Elects recommended by the Chapter President.

Upon successful completion of the LEADHRS program, attendees will be recognized at the TheHRSouthwest Conference.

Applications will be accepted from December 6, 2021 until January 7, 2022.

Attendance is limited, submit your application early. You don’t want to miss this opp


Questions?  Email us at info@texasshrm.org.

“LEADHRS will develop HR Professionals to perform at their highest level helping them to make informed, intelligent business decisions.” 
- Rose Ann Garza

“LEADHRS will empower HR Professionals to confidently take their seat at any leadership table, whether in the C-Suite or any organization in which they serve.” - Dustin Paschal

“LeadHRS will elevate the HR Professional and the Profession for the strategic advantage of your business.”  - Michelle Friesenhahn

“LEADHRS is going to change the game for Texas SHRM by creating more opportunities to help our chapter leaders grow the chapter, the workplace and the community.” - Bruce Waller

“LEADHRS will equip the leaders of our profession, organizations, chapters and TXSHRM to reach deep within to become the best versions of themselves and to continue growing to be able to prepare other leaders.” - April Metcalf